Cork Tiles

Cork wall and floor tiles are available in a unique assortment of textures and colours that stimulate design, while maintaining a natural look and feel. Cork has one of the best insulating capacities, thermal and acoustical, of all natural substances. It is eco-conscious and safe as it is a natural raw material. Biodegradable 100%, recyclable and renewable. Cork is also water resistant, making it ideal for installation in areas where moisture presents problems. It is also a natural fire retardant. Duramond or Weartop technology give protection against abrasion and scuffs. Cork Tiles are naturally stylish, silent and comfortable yet easy to maintain. Hard wearing and environmentally friendly, they create unique appealing spaces.


  • 01.

    Design type: Natural, Design, Printed design, 3D tiles, Wood

  • 02.

    Installation method: dry back, float click system

  • 03.

    Format: Plank, Tile

  • 04.

    Sector: Corporate+Offices, Retail, Hospitality, Leisure, Housing

  • 05.

    Acoustic Insulation

  • 06.

    Certificates: GuT certificate, Indoor Air Quatlity, MICROBAN® antimicrobial product protection FSC®, indoor Air Quatlity

  • 07.

    Level of Use: Class23-Class34