The FLEXBRICK ceramic textile dressing system is a new technological concept, opening up an endless range of dry assembly cladding systems in architecture. FLEXBRICK can dress facades, roofs, vaulted ceilings and paved areas – exploring new relations with textile architecture.

Flexbrick is a ceramic textile, A customized sustainable system based on a flexible steel mesh in which a wide range of materials can be inserted to wrap architectural spaces. The Ceramic Textile, is a sustainable system which takes on the shape of flexible sheets of baked clay for tiling, cladding laminates structures with a ceramic finish.


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    Large Dimension Formats

  • 03.

    Optimal execution performance

  • 04.

    Flexibile system

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  • 06.

    Extend the traditional use of ceramic products

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    Easy Maintenance

  • 08.

    Quick Installation

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    Several material options