Contract Wallpaper

Fabric backed, wide-width vinyl wall coverings with outstanding product quality, impressive designs for commercial interiors (hospitality, healthcare, high street retail, commercial office, cruise ship and residential sectors). Choose from classic woven embosses, tweeds, linens and silks to contemporary geometrics and metallic effects.


  • 01.

    Fire Rated: Passes ASTM E84 Class A and Euro Class B

  • 02.

    VOC Rated: Very low emissions

  • 03.

    Contains Biocide: Provides protection against growth of yeast, molds and micro-organisms

  • 04.

    Lightfastness: No color change caused by sunlight for a minimum of 5 years

  • 05.

    IMO Rated

  • 06.

    CE Marked: Meets EU safety and environmental standards on Fire Safety and Chemical Composition

  • 07.

    Easy to Maintain

  • 08.

    Can help reduce the reverberation of sound in a room (Coef. Acoustic 0.15)


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